Nail Enhancements

The term “ Nail Enhancement ” incorporates any procedures that lengthen, thicken or otherwise altered the appearance of natural nails by artificial means. These procedures include the applications of tips, liquid with powder system, gel system, sculpting on the form or any types of fabric wrap.


Dipping Powder $40 
Full Set $35 
Full Set Overlay $30 
Refill $25 
French Tips $35 


Full Set (Pink & White Ombre) $55 
Refill (Pink & White Ombre) $45 
Full Set (Pink & White) $55 
Refill (Pink & White) $45 
Pink Full Set $40 
Pink Refill $35 
Color Tips Full Set $50 
Color Tips Refill $40 
* Gel Coat $5 extra


Full Set $40 
Refill $35 


Full Set $45 
Refill $35 

French Gel

Full Set $60 
Refill $45 
Solar Nails:  

Another version of a French manicure. Solar means appertaining to the Sun, perfect for tanning or out-door activities. They are applied in the two-step application of wine's pink powder. We highly recommend a coat of gel applied on top to ensure non-yellow/lifting, endurance, and glossy appearance.

Color Tips Solar Nails:  

Instead of while, customized your nails with your favorite choice of color tips. Perfect for summertime. Have fun!!!

Gel Nails:  

Gel Nails are an extremely natural-looking enhancement: thin, clear, nonporous, resist lifting. Gel Nails can be used for natural nail overlays and tip overlays.

Silk/Fiber Glass:  

Silk is a type of natural animal fiber that originated from cocoons. We choose them to apply on your nails for several reasons: allergic elimination for clients who concern with liquid use reduced unpleasant smell but still be able to indulge a healthy and fresh look.

Spa Pedicure Services

We believe that consistent nails treatments are the perfect solution for strengthening brittle nails and ensuring healthy growth. Here, our technicians are extensively trained in every aspect of nail care and we pride ourselves on our unparalleled sanitary standards.
Perfection Regular Pedi $30 

We begin with a soothing foot bath, nail care, enrich with fresh citrus, aromatherapy massage, cooling gel, hot towels wrap, top it off with perfectly shaped and polished. A great version for our time-pressed clients!

Perfection Classic Pedi $40 

The treatment with a twist! This choice of service is an upgrade of Natural Pedi, then condition and fortifies the skin with salt glow exfoliation and ultra-hydrating treatment of the mineral mask. This lush treatment will leave your skin feeling fresh and silky soft.

Perfection On The Rocks Pedi $43 

Upscale your Classic Pedi service with a hot stone massage. This authentic hot stone massage is not simply the healing warmth of the river stones penetrates upon the surface of the skin, but also used as tools to deliver effective tissue, muscle tension melts away and improves circulation at a pressure level comfortable to the client.

Perfection Pear Pedi $50 

Get serious about fighting the battle with aging feet. Indulge yourself with On The Rocks Pedi, following with our top of the line paraffin wax immersion for ultimate preservation of moisture. By the time you leave our chair, your feet will feel like dancing across the room.

Perfection Natural Pedi or Shellac $45 
Perfection Princess Pedi $30 

For out Petite Mademoiselles at the age of ten and under with complimentary nail arts on toes.

Kid under 10 years old $25 

(Free Nail Art Design)

We Special For Monthly

Volcano Spa Pedicure (Reg) $60 
Volcano Spa Pedicure (Now) $50 
Pearl Spa Pedicure (Reg) $85 
Pearl Spa Pedicure (Now) $50 
Perfection Deluxe Pedi (Reg) $70 
Perfection Deluxe Pedi (Now) $40 
Perfection Aroma Spa Pedi (Reg) $70 
Perfection Aroma Spa Pedi (Now) $35 
Perfection Royal Island Pedi (Reg) $70 
Perfection Royal Island Pedi (Now) $40 

Modern Manicure Services

The hands of a person often get exposed to various elements in daily life that can destroy their natural beauty. Manicure is a service that takes care and improves the appearance of your hands and nails. The term “Mani-cure” was derived from Latin: manus for “hand”, cura for “care”. When the words are combined, they are simply mean “hand care”.
Perfection Natural Mani $18 

Want to grow nails? Maintain your natural nails every week or two. We shape, trim cuticle after being softened in heated mitts or soapy water, hand massage, hot towel, apply nails strengthener and finish with your favorite color or buff to shine!

Perfection Classic Mani $25 

Not only shape up your nails but also adding a touch of salt glow exfoliation and mineral deep mask that works overtime to reveal smooth, supple skin.

Perfection On the Rocks Mani $27 

All the steps of Classic Mani with a hot stone massage that has already been explained above. Beauty and relaxation are important, but at the same time, we can reveal a healthy in you after a long working day. Then what are you waiting for?

Perfection Sparkling Mani $33 

Take a further step from awesome On the Rock Mani with our top of the line paraffin wax immersion in a warm mitt to make them shiny and pretty, as well as to retard moisture loss, creating the mani for a sparked look. How will you be able to refuse this service!

Perfection Princess Mani $15 

Our Petite Mademoiselles will not feel complete if leaving without their hands being treated with complementary designs to match their toes. This is created to pamper her highness.

Color Shellac Change (Color) $20 
Color Shellac Change (Toes) $25 
French Shellac Change (Color) $25 
French Shellac Change (Toes) $35 
Manicure With Shellac $30 
Kid Mani Under 10 Years Old $15 

(Free Nail Art Design)

Finish with your fav Shellac Color, then UV cure for color that will last 2 weeks.

* All prices are subjected to change without notification.

Manicure & Pedicure Combo

Perfection Natural Manicure & Pedicure Combo $45 
Perfection Classic Manicure & Pedicure Combo $55 
Perfection On The Rocks Manicure & Pedicure Combo $65 
Perfection Sparkling Manicure & Pedicure Combo $75 
Pearl Pedi & Mani Combo $85 

(Reg $140)

Kid Pedi And Mani Combo Under 10 Years Old $40 

(Free Designs)

Kid Pedi And Mani Combo 11 Years Old $40 

(Free Designs)


Perfection Natural Pedi Shellac And Perfection Mani Shellac Combo $65 

(Reg $75)

Perfection Aroma Pedi Shellac And Perfection Mani Shellac Combo $75 

(Reg $85)

Perfection Deluxe Pedi Shellac And Perfection Mani shellac Combo $75 

(Reg $85)

Perfection Royal Island Pedi Shellac And Perfection Mani Shellac Combo $75 

(Reg $85)

Pearl Spa Pedi And Pearl Mani Combo $85 

(Reg $140)

Add-On Services

French/American Tips With Service $5 
Nail Repair $3 & up
Nail Removal Shellac, Acrylic $7 /$10
Dip Remove $10 
Gel Coat $5 
Callous Removal $5 & up
Paraffin Immersion For Hands $8 
Paraffin Immersion For Feet $10 


Polish Change $10 
Polish Change (Kid) $8 
French-Polish Change $15 
Shellac/Color Polish Change $20 
Shellac/French Polish Change $25 
Nail Art Design Per $3 


Polish Change $15 
Polish Change (Kid) $10 
French-Polish Change $15 
Shellac/Color Polish Change $25 
Shellac/French Polish Change $30 
Nail Art Design Per $3 

Massage On Hands/Feet

10 Mins $10 
15 Mins $15 
20 Mins $20 


Eyebrows Wax $10 
Lip Wax $8 
Upper and Lower Lip Wax $13 
Chin Wax $10 
Full Face Wax $45 

Kids Services

Manicure (10 Under) $15 
Pedicure (10 Under) $25 
Manicure (11-Year-Old) $15 
Pedicure (11-Year-Old) $25 
Combo Manicure/Pedicure w/Free Design (10 Under) $40 
Combo Manicure/Pedicure (11-Year-Old) $40 
Combo Manicure/Pedicure (12-Year-Old) $40 
Hand Polish $8 
Toe Polish $10